Secondary English Education Endorsement

Online English Endorsement for Secondary Education

Are you currently a teacher looking to broaden the scope of subjects you may teach? This unique program is designed to prepare non-English secondary or K-12 teachers for an endorsement in English Language Arts, with an emphasis on improving literacy skills in the classroom.

The online Secondary English Education Endorsement program is designed with current teachers in mind. The program starts each term. This program can be completed in four semesters.

Increase Your Value in Today's Educational Environment

In the ever-changing job market, having an additional endorsement will allow you the opportunity to seek open positions in more than one subject area. This can benefit the school you work for as well as open up more career opportunities for you.

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We also encourage you to visit the UNC English Department page for this program.

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Secondary English Education Endorsement
Program Coordinator

Teresa Sellmer

Course of Study

This online endorsement program is designed for teachers or students who would like an additional endorsement. You can begin the program in Spring taking two 8-week courses per semester.

Program Requirements:  25 credit hours

Take all of the following courses:
EED 295                Writing on Themes in Literature (3)
(Prerequisites: ENG 122 and any course meeting LAC category 1b.)  EED 295 is the prerequisite for all courses except EED 310.
EED 310                Language and Communication (3)
EED 320                Literacy Pedagogy in Secondary Classrooms I (2)
EED 317                Multimodal/media literacy in Secondary Classrooms (3)
EED 321                Literacy Pedagogy in Secondary Classrooms (2)

Choose  one of the following:
EED 311                Studies in Non-Western Literature (3)
EED 312                Studies in Modern Western Literature (3)

Choose  one of the following:
EED 313                Studies in British Literature I (3)
EED 314                Studies in British Literature II (3)

Choose  one of the following:
EED 315                Studies in American Literature I (3)
EED 316                Studies in American Literature II (3)

Then choose one additional literature course:
EED 311, EED 312, EED 313, EED 314, EED 315, EED 316

Admission Requirements and Transfer Credit

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