Dietetics BS or Didactic Program
in Dietetics (DPD-Only)—
Online Didactic Programs

An ACEND (formerly CADE) Accredited Online Bachelor's Degree
or Dietetics-Coursework-Only Program

The University of Northern Colorado offers a distance-based Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). This includes the full Dietetics Bachelor of Science for those without a bachelor's degree or those seeking a 2nd bachelor's degree; or a DPD-only program for those with a bachelor's who are seeking to complete the DPD requirements.

The Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) at the University of Northern Colorado is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Dietetics and Nutrition Education (ACEND, formerly CADE) and adheres to the knowledge, skills, and competencies described by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND, formerly the American Dietetic Association). Accreditation Commission for Dietetics and Nutrition Education (ACEND): 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000 Chicago, IL 60606; Phone: (312) 899-5400.

The Distance Dietetic Program (DDP) is the same as our on-campus CADE-accredited program; however it is designed to be more accessible for students who have employment and/or family commitments that preclude participating in a full-time on-campus experience.

The DDP offers 10 courses online; the rest of the required courses are taken at a regionally accredited institution where you live or online and transferred in to UNC. You may desire to complete your bachelor’s degree in dietetics or, if you already have a bachelor’s degree, you may choose just to complete the requirements of the Didactic Program in Dietetics which enables you to apply for dietetic internships on your path to becoming a registered dietitian. Either way this program can meet your needs.

NOTE: The Summer 2014 program entry will be filled with students who have already had their transcripts evaluated. The Dietetics department will open to accept transcripts and assign advisors on July 1 for the Summer 2015 start. Submitting your materials at that time is highly recommended.

More Resources

We encourage you to visit the Distance Dietetic Program (DDP) website for more detailed information and additional resources.

The Dietetics BS degree is also offered as a traditional on-campus DPD program.


Contact the Distance Dietetic Program

Contact the Distance Dietetic Program
Amy Baird
(970) 351-1769

Academic Program Coordinator for Distance Dietetics Program
Constance Francis
(970) 351-2332

Student Services Coordinator
Michelle McDermott
(970) 351-1516

Academic Program Coordinator for Didactic Program in Dietetics
Jamie Erskine
(970) 351-1706


Course of Study

The Distance Dietetic Program Curriculum includes 23 courses. Descriptions of these courses and their prerequisites can be found in the Distance Dietetic Program Curriculum Guide. Listed below are the online DDP courses (10 courses, 31 credits) and the sequence in which they are offered. Spring and fall semesters follow a 15-week semester format. Summer term courses are offered in an 8-week format.

Distance Dietetic Program Curriculum

Summer Semester (1st)
FND 252 Nutrition in the Life Cycle (3 credits – 8 weeks)
FND 310 Introduction to Foods (4 credits – 8 weeks)

Fall Semester (1st)
FND 370 Nutrition Education and Application Strategies (3 credits – 15 weeks)
FND 430 Nutrition Assessment and Intervention (2 credits – 15 weeks)
FND 430L Lab for FND 430 (1 credit – 15 weeks)

Spring Semester (1st)
FND 431 Medical Nutrition Intervention (2 credits – 15 weeks)
FND 431L Lab for FND 431 (1 credit – 15 weeks)
FND 451 Advanced Nutrition (3 credits – 15 weeks)

Summer Term (2nd)
FND 320 Nutrition Applications in Foodservice (2 credits – 8 weeks)
FND 320L Lab for FND 320 (1 credit – 8 weeks)
FND 452 Community Nutrition (3 credits – 8 weeks)

Fall Semester (2nd)
FND 410 Professional Development Seminar (2 credits – 15 weeks)
FND 446 Food Service Systems Management (3 credits – 15 weeks)
FNP 446L Lab for FND 446 (1 credit – 15 weeks)

Your degree together with your completion of the DDP requirements will earn you a Verification Statement that will permit you to apply for dietetic internships. For more information go to the American Dietetic Association website.

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