Sports Coaching Master of Arts
Online Degree Program

An Online Master's Combining Applied Coaching and Technology

This online Sports Coaching Master of Arts (M.A.) degree is designed to enhance your coaching knowledge and expertise, and to advance your existing coaching practices through evaluation and application of current research. One of very few online graduate coaching degrees in the country, this innovative program combines academic knowledge with applied practice and the latest technology. The online sports coaching master's degree starts each Fall term.

Online courses allow you to fit this degree into your busy schedule. Whether you are a teacher interested or involved in athletic coaching, or you're a coach in any other capacity, this program will advance your knowledge and skill in all facets of coaching. The principles covered in this 30-credit-hour degree apply to all coaching endeavors and are not specific to any one sport.

Program objectives include:

  • Sport Pedagogy (Teaching)
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sport Law
  • Sport Psychology
  • Training and Conditioning Principles
  • International Perspectives of Sport Coaching

Coaching Excellence and Career Opportunities

The coaching profession is expected to experience double-digit growth over the next decade. The UNC Sports Coaching online master's was developed in response to this growing demand for high expertise in the field of coaching. Advance your career interests and become a world-class coach who develops high-performing athletes and teams.

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We also encourage you to visit the School of Sport and Exercise Science page for this program. You can also view information about the world-renowned UNC Sport Pedagogy/Physical Education Faculty.

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Course of Study

This is a 30-credit-hour Master of Arts degree. Because of our innovative program design, you will be able to focus on one course at a time for much of the program and you can choose (along with your advisor) the focus of your internship work in year two. All courses are completed online, with many incorporating Dartfish Connect™ video analysis software and recorded video presentations into the course content.

Before the program begins, there is a short online orientation course to prepare you for success in the program.

Portfolio: In lieu of a comprehensive exam or thesis, all students must develop and present a portfolio that displays successful incorporation of the theoretical and foundational aspects of effective coaching. Note: there are no endorsements or licenses directly associated with this degree.

  Fall Spring Summer
Year 1

SES 587 Sports Coaching Principles and Perspectives (3) – 1st 8-week session

SES 588 Evaluation of Coaching using Technology (3) – 1st 8-week session

SES 585 Introduction to Sports Injuries for Coaches (2) – 16 weeks

SES 583 International Perspectives of Sports Coaching (3) – 2nd 8-week session

SES 604 Teacher and Coach Action Research (3) – 2nd 8-week session

SES 582 Psychology for Sports Coaches (3) – 1st 8-week session



SES 589 Bridging Theory and Practice in Sports Coaching (3) – 2nd 8-week session

Year 2

SES 586 Training and Conditioning Principles for Sports Coaches (3) – 16 weeks

SES 584 Sport Administration for Sports Coaches (3) – 16-weeks


SES 692 Graduate Internship in Sport and Exercise Science (2) – 16 weeks

SES 692 Graduate Internship in Sport and Exercise Science (2) – 16 weeks


Dartfish Connect (See Requirements)

Admission Requirements and Transfer Credit

Tuition, Financial Aid and Health Insurance

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