Elementary Education MAT Completion
(for Post Bac graduates) Cohort V –
Summer 2012- Summer 2013

Academic Program Coordinator

Gary Fertig
(970) 351-2440

Degree Requirements: 46 credits

This online program is intended only for students who have successfully completed UNC's Elementary Post-Baccalaureate Licensure program. It will allow you to complete the MAT degree program online in a predictable time frame. The program is cohort based, which means that students must make a commitment to take all five schedule courses online and stay with their cohort.

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Courses Available for Current and Upcoming Terms
Course Title &
Credit Hours
Course & Reg. (CRN) Number Instructor Class Dates
Elementary School Curriculum (3) EDEL 612-900
CRN 24650
Fertig Jan. 14-May 10
Researched Applications in Math Education (3) EDEL 620-900
CRN 41023
Harding-Dekam May 20 - June 28
Comprehensive Exam      


Previous Courses

Courses Offered for Previous Terms
Introduction to Graduate Research (3) SRM 600-906
CRN 40737
Geist May 14- Aug. 3
Pluralism in Education (3) EDF 619-901
CRN 40738
Griggs June 11- July 20
FALL 2012
Instruction in Language Arts and Literacy in the Elementary School (3) EDEL 640-900
CRN 14703
Lawrence Aug. 27- Dec. 14

Tuition Rate

Tuition rates are set each academic year (which begin each Fall semester). The tuition rate for the 2011-12 school year for this program is $430 per credit hour.

The tuition rate for the 2012-13 school year for this program is $445 per credit hour.